About Ashley

Hi there! I am a consultant and coach for business development teams and sales professionals who want to grow their business without burn out.

I spent almost 20 years as a business development representative and sales manager in the title insurance industry. Learning by trial and error in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country wasn’t easy, but now I have all the tools and tricks to make it easier for you! Learn more about my path to Standard Elevation….

Outside of running SE you can find me chasing my 6 year old around Austin with my husband Ricky. I love bullet proof coffee, knitting, OTF and dusty martinis.

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” She thinks to herself, this thing, this idea, this service, this kind of person should exist ….she waits for a while thinking about that…and then she stops waiting and starts creating the thing herself….She creates the thing she needed. “

Glennon Doyle

My Roadmap

I started my career in sales and real estate while attending school at The University of Texas at Austin. I was one of the lucky few to be able to stay in this incredible city post graduation because of this start as a receptionist at a mortgage company. From Receptionist to Marketing Assistant to Sales Representative to Director of Sales I worked my way up by a lot of trial and error.

I feel like I landed my dream job before I really knew what it was. Flexible schedule, an expense account, lunches, dinner and happy hours- oh my! But NOT a ton of direction on how to utilize those things.

I’ll never forget the day I was handed a credit card and told to go get business.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much training in an outside sales job when so much relies on relationships within the industry. Through the ranks I discovered the activities that lead me to success, learned a lot of lessons by trying the hard way and have some great stories to tell!

I’ve worked as a business development representative, a marketing representative or sales executive (depending on what that particular company wanted to call us) for Fortune 500 companies and locally owned start ups and some in between – each coming with its own experiences and lessons along the way. I’ve helped lead a company to quadruple in staff, footprint and most importantly: revenue.

Through my leadership position as Director of Sales I uncovered my passion to empower other sales leaders.

In 2019 I started Standard Elevation a coaching and consulting firm specializing in sales enablement for the real estate industry. I’ve earned several coaching, marketing and business management certifications to enhance my field experience and have since developed a unique, systematic sales process for outside sales professionals.

I took all my experience, all the trial and error and incorporated modern techniques to enable you to grow your business exponentially without burnout.

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